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Wondering how many log files are generated per server every minute? Quickly find out by typing:   Leave a comment


Get-MailboxDatabase -Server $env:ComputerName | ?{ %{$_.DatabaseCopies | ?{$_.ReplayLagTime -ne [TimeSpan]::Zero -And $_
.HostServerName -eq $env:ComputerName} } } | %{ $count = 0; $MinT = [DateTime]::MaxValue; $MaxT = [DateTime]::MinValue;
Get-ChildItem -Path $_.LogFolderPath -Filter “*????.log” | %{ $count = $count + 1; if($_.LastWriteTime -gt $MaxT){ $MaxT
= $_.LastWriteTime}; if($_.LastWriteTime -lt $MinT){ $MinT= $_.LastWriteTime} }; ($count / ($MaxT.Subtract($MinT)).Tota
lMinutes) } | Measure-Object -Min -Max -Ave


Posted June 30, 2014 by Prem Rana in EMS Commands (Powershell)

How to Enable Users for Lync 2013   Leave a comment

Login to the Lync URL

Single sign on will work for this


Click on Enable Users for Lync Server.


Click Add to add the user for enabling it.


Type the user logon name in search field and click find, select the required user and click ok.


Select pool server from the drop down from Pool list.


Select Enterprise Voice from the Telephony drop down list.


Click on the Enable to enable the user for lync.

Posted June 16, 2014 by Prem Rana in Lync