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Wondering how many log files are generated per server every minute? Quickly find out by typing below Exhcange power shell   Leave a comment

Get-MailboxDatabase -Server $env:ComputerName | ?{ %{$_.DatabaseCopies | ?{$_.ReplayLagTime -ne [TimeSpan]::Zero -And $_.HostServerName -eq $env:ComputerName} }
} | %{ $count = 0; $MinT = [DateTime]::MaxValue; $MaxT = [DateTime]::MinValue; Get-ChildItem -Path $_.LogFolderPath -Filter “*????.log” | %{ $count = $count + 1;
if($_.LastWriteTime -gt $MaxT){ $MaxT = $_.LastWriteTime}; if($_.LastWriteTime -lt $MinT){ $MinT= $_.LastWriteTime} }; ($count / ($MaxT.Subtract($MinT)).TotalMi
nutes) } | Measure-Object -Min -Max -Ave


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How to Change UPN in O365 for a Mailbox User   Leave a comment

There is only one way you can do it while running the exchange and O365 hybrid mode. this is not directly possible but you need to first change this to intermediate UPN and then to the required UPN as below 2 power shell commands:

Let say you want to change UPN for a user to,

Set-MsolUserPrincipalName -UserPrincipalName -NewUserPrincipalName
Set-MsolUserPrincipalName -UserPrincipalName -NewUserPrincipalName


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September 2015 Release of MFCMAPI and MrMAPI   Leave a comment

The September 2015 Release (build is live:

It’s amazing – how much I don’t get to work on MFCMAPI when I’m no longer in Developer Support. That’s no excuse for leaving it alone for a year! I did patch quite a bit in the past year.

Here’s a change list – see the Issue Tracker and ChangeSets on Codeplex for more details:

  • SmartView: Completely rewrote the engine to be much more modular and easier to maintain
  • MrMAPI: Fixed several crashes, leaks, and hangs
  • Migrated a metric ton of old CString and manual string handling to wstring
  • Performance: Did a whole bunch of performance tweaks – everything should be much snappier

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